This type of wash is at the base for all of our services. We use products, equipment and processes to mitigate any chance of damage to your vehicles paint and bodywork, that could often happen during other regular types of hand washes. This type of service is ideal for those who want to maintain the cleanliness of their vehicle after recently being detailed, to aid the longevity of the protective layers, added to their paintwork.

FROM £49 



This service includes everything from the essential, however this time around we start with an extensive interior detail with various tools and products to eliminate dirt and bacteria. Before commencing with the Interior, personal belongings are removed and stored safely for the duration of the service.


The interior is scrupulously detailed using assorted brushes and decontamination products designed for the job at hand. This will include the centre console, dashboard, and surface protection. Windows are cleaned and polished, The carpets are vacuumed thoroughly, and the mats are shampooed and cleaned before being returned.

FROM £99


The Works package finish is the epitome of our services, which brings your vehicle back to an immaculate, showroom condition, hence the completion time of approx 10 hours. Whilst encompassing everything from maintenance, additional protection and enrichment processes are carried out to achieve the finish that your vehicle deserves.  A protective sealant is applied to the windows to provide a clear finish, making it easier to drive in wet conditions.


We use the clay bar technique to remove any contaminants such as tar and dirt clinging to your vehicle, without the need to use hard chemicals that may damage your paintwork.

Exhaust tips are polished and enhancements are utilised to deliver unparalleled gleam and protection. This includes top-quality wax of your choice and a surface sealant.

FROM £149